Boost Self Confidence with Scar Removal

Whether you have acne or other facial or body scars, it is important that you speak to a highly-skilled professional who has access to the most current technology. At NassifMD® MedSpa, we are committed to providing our clients with the most advanced treatments for effective scar removal in Beverly Hills & Los Angeles.

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Treating Facial Scars

Every person is dealing with a unique situation, with scars of varying types. To successfully reduce the appearance of scars, a custom treatment plan must be developed based on the extent and depth of the scarring. The first step is a full evaluation of the current condition of the skin and tissue. This will allow us to determine what processes will bring about the most positive changes. Laser scar removal in Los Angeles at NassifMD Medical Spa could be a combination of several technologies, including:

  • Chemical Peels: Various formulations of chemical peels could be one element in an effective scar removal treatment.
  • Skinfinity: An innovative system that employs radio-frequency-enhanced technology, capable of minimizing the appearance of various scars.
  • Laser Treatments: A non-surgical laser treatment may be employed as one part of a custom scar removal.
  • Fillers: In some cases, fillers may be used to increase volume in deeper, pitted scars.
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We Go Above and Beyond to Resolve the Appearance of Facial Scars

Our professionals understand how difficult it can be to live with visible facial scars, and we take our responsibility to our patients very seriously. When creating a treatment plan for scar removal in Beverly Hills, we undertake a full evaluation of the individual’s skin quality, and create a strategy that will bring relief. With the appearance of visible scars gone or greatly diminished, our clients report a significant surge in self-confidence and personal satisfaction with their appearance. Our goal is to provide the most effective methodology for scar removal treatment, and we have access to the most advanced technology to do so. Talk to us and let us help you move forward – you deserve it.

Scar Camouflage Surgery

Life can throw a curveball – leaving facial trauma. Our skills include the ability to perform scar camouflage surgery. These surgeries are complex: they require removing the scar, lifting the edge of the scar and putting it back together without tension so it can heal cleanly and properly. After the scar is resolved, laser treatments are applied to take away the redness, and give the skin it’s natural, even, clear skin tone. We also apply compressed oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber to help it heal more thoroughly. Even a deep, noticeable scar from an impact such as a car accident or other trauma can be resolved.

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Custom Treatments for Scar Removal

At NassifMD® MedSpa, we have assisted countless patients with laser scar removal in Beverly Hills & Los Angeles, helping them regain confidence and happiness with their overall appearance and aesthetic. We employ the latest technological advances to assist our patients and can evaluate your condition and advise you of the treatment plan that is appropriate for the individual and the size and depth of the scar tissue. As scar tissue is thicker, and tends to pull the facial skin, a scar left untreated can leave your face appearing uneven or odd – fortunately, this can be resolved with a combination of various technologies and surgical treatment.

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