Platelet Rich Plasma is produced by your own body, and involves drawing a small amount of blood and then placing it in a centrifuge that separates blood components. The plasma component contains a high level of platelets. Platelets function to help the body heal, and produce new cells. PRP can stimulate natural collagen growth, and is a regenerative anti-aging treatment that takes advantage of your body’s natural healing properties. The treatment can produce the following benefits:

  • Improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve skin texture
  • Reduce the appearance of minor facial scars
  • Freshen skin appearance
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PRP Facial: Regenerative Treatment

You may wonder if a PRP facial is the right treatment for you. Understanding how platelets work to restore and regenerate can help you come to a decision. As processing your own blood concentrates the platelets in the blood product, when injected into your skin, certain proteins called “growth factors” are present in higher levels. These growth factors work to accelerate tissue repair. When in the concentration in PRP, the body’s healing and regenerative abilities are stimulated to perform at a higher level, producing fresher, more youthful-looking skin.

Rejuvenate Your Skin with PRP

PRP treatments can improve your skin tone and texture, make your facial skin tighter and firmer, and soften lines and reduce the appearance of overlarge pores. As this regenerative treatment works within your body to trigger healing and collagen production, results appear over time.

For most clients, three treatments one to two months apart will produce the most impressive results. As the PRP is your own natural body substance, there is no fear about rejection or problems assimilating the product – it is your own cells, and a perfect match for you.

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Natural Radiance and Glow

For a very natural approach to anti-aging technology, PRP treatments produce a natural glow and radiance so your skin appears fresh, smooth, and restored. The benefits are long-lasting, as the healing properties of the PRP continue to work for up to eighteen months in a typical case. For those who have had another facial treatment (such as laser resurfacing), adding a PRP treatment can speed healing and prolong results. Every client at NassifMD® MedSpa can expect a customized treatment plan which may include PRP. As an advanced, natural, regenerative treatment that uses your own body’s natural healing properties, a PRP facial can produce dramatically improved skin quality and texture, keeping your face looking more youthful and warding off the effects of time.

Natural Anti-Aging Treatment

Some clients prefer to take a more natural approach to anti-aging treatments, and as the PRP used is created directly from your own blood, there is no treatment more natural or safe.

Take advantage of the natural healing properties of this important substance, and watch the changes in smoothness, glow, and improved texture increase as the weeks pass. Many clients at our Los Angeles area Medspa make a PRP facial part of their beauty regimen.

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