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Dr. Nassif's understanding of skin structure, skin rejuvenation, and skin restoration has led him to develop a line of skincare products that reflect his knowledge of exactly what the skin needs to stay healthy, firm, strong, and resilient. With over 25 years of experience working with and under the various layers of the skin, Dr. Nassif has leveraged his deep knowledge of the skin's aging process to create a series of cruelty-free products that'll have your skin enjoying optimal health.

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About NassifMD® Skincare

Dr. Paul Nassif is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon that has been practicing in Beverly Hills for years. After extensive research and years of experience, he finally developed his own skincare line. This line of skin care products is designed to give some of the best results in this industry for anti-aging and rejuvenating effects. Using all his knowledge and experience of what lies underneath our skin and what can cause it to age prematurely, Dr. Nassif has teamed up with some industry-leading chemists, to develop the most scientifically advanced skin care formula out on the market today.

Each one of these skincare products is infused with active, balanced ingredient complexes that target and help to remedy the main causes of aging. In addition to this, these products also moisturize the skin and can raise collagen levels to help reduce fine lines & wrinkles. The overall health of the skin for women (and men) of all ages will be improved using these amazing skincare products.

Skin Maintenance and Rejuvenation: NassifMD® Skincare

The line of products is geared to protect, maintain and rejuvenate the skin effectively, with a focus on anti-aging. Why not protect your skin and keep it strong and healthy for years into the future? These products were specifically developed to get results that are truly above and beyond the ordinary, surpassing the limitations that come with a scalpel and enabling you to enjoy a healthy, radiant look. Find out about these exceptional products, and discover treatments that will help keep your skin hydrated, fresh, youthful, and glowing with health.

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The Origins of the NassifMD® Skincare Line

As part of his work as a board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Nassif understands the importance of healthy, nourished skin. In fact, the NassifMD® skincare line was developed as part of a pre-operative skincare regimen. Having noticed that healthy, hydrated skin is far easier to operate on, Dr. Nassif developed a line of products to promote these qualities in his patients' skin prior to surgery. When they continued asking for more, Dr. Nassif knew he had something special on his hands. Thus, the NassifMD® Skincare line was born.

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